6 Simple Tips to Make Your Move Easier

No one said moving was easy. In fact, many people see it as something that’s just naturally nerve-wracking. However, there are plenty of ways to make the whole process easier to deal with. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll marvel at how smoothly your upcoming move goes.

1. Plan Early, Start Early

Much of the stress involved with moving comes from waiting until the last possible minute. Depending on where you need to move and how much stuff you’re bringing with you, start planning up to six months ahead of your desired moving day. This gives you plenty of time to find a reputable mover, lock in your preferred moving date and get started on packing and cleaning, among other things.

2. Devote an Hour a Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s highly unlikely you’ll have an entire home packed up in that same amount of time. Set aside an hour’s time each day to packing one room at a time. Doing so keeps you from being overwhelmed and stressed out.

3. Nix the Clutter

The less clutter you bring to your new home, the better. Not only does it lighten the load on moving day, but you’ll also save money on moving costs.

Take inventory of what you have currently and what you can afford to let go. If you’re buying new furniture, for instance, you can sell or donate your current furniture instead of taking it with you. Do this for other areas of your home. After all, you might have an old lawnmower or TV you don’t need anymore.

4. Be a Labeling Machine

Organization is everything when it comes to moving, so label every box you pack. Make sure the label features everything that’s inside and be as thorough as possible when making your list. Don’t forget to write which room each box belongs to. To drive the point home, use different colored labels or packing tape and assign each room its own color.

5. Use Simple Shortcuts

Did you know you could leave items inside of your dresser drawers instead of meticulously packing each drawerful? Just wrap the drawer in plastic wrap to keep everything contained. You can also keep your clothes on the hanger and use wardrobe boxes or plastic bags to protect them during the move. These and other shortcuts help save you time, plus you’ll use fewer boxes.

6. Bring in the Pros

Don’t have time to pack on your own? You can avoid time crunches and unnecessary stress by hiring professional full-service movers. Our Relocation Teams have been equipped with the knowledge, policies, and procedures, to ensure that our clients receive an unparalleled quality of service, time and time again.

We hope these tips helped alleviate some of your stress related to  your upcoming move. If you find yourself overwhelmed and in need of The Happiest & Most Professional Moving Services in the industry, do not hesitate to give us a call at 941-84-HAPPY (42779).

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