10 Smart Tips to Help You Pack Like a Pro

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, getting everything packed up is no easy feat. You might not be a pro when it comes to packing, but these 10 tips will help you pack just like them. Read on and learn just how you can make your moves faster and more efficient.

1. Invest in High-Quality Boxes

Using the right moving boxes makes your packing go by easier and faster. These boxes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to easily accommodate anything that needs packing. Be sure to use boxes made specifically with moving in mind, as other types of boxes may not have the strength or durability to handle the rigors of Moving Day.

2. Color-Code for Convenience

Use colored packing tape to close your moving boxes. Each room gets its own color, which should make it easier to move everything where it needs to go when you arrive at your new home.

3. Don’t Leave Empty Space…

If you have any gaps or voids after packing your items, use foam peanuts, packing paper or even towels and linens to fill them in. Filling this empty space prevents your items from jostling around, which in turn keeps them from being damaged.

4. …But Don’t Overpack, Either

To avoid torn-up boxes and sprained backs, don’t fill them to the brim. Instead, pack each box efficiently and make sure your regular boxes don’t exceed 50 pounds when full.

5. Take Pictures Before Unplugging Electronics

When dealing with complicated electronics like entertainment centers and computers, take a snapshot of their connections before disconnecting anything. This way, you’ll be able to set up everything just like you had it before the move.

6. Label Your Boxes

Label each box you pack clearly and legibly. Make sure the label lists what each box contains and which room it belongs to. Instead of labeling a box as “Dishes” or “Clothes,” be as specific as you can about what’s inside.

7. Keep Your Nuts and Bolts in One Place

For each piece of disassembled furniture, use a small plastic bag to keep your various fasteners from disappearing. Don’t forget to label each bag clearly and either tape or tie it to the furniture it goes with.

8. Don’t Take Your Clothes Off Their Hangers

Instead, leave your clothes just like they are and use wardrobe boxes to pack up your attire. If you run out of wardrobe boxes, you can improvise by pulling a trash bag over your clothes with the hanger hook poking through the bottom of the bag.

9. Take Care When Packing Plates

Packing your plates on their sides instead of stacking them on top of each other ensures they’ll survive the move without getting damaged. Don’t forget to wrap each plate in bubble wrap or packing paper for protection.

10. Use Professional Packers

Don’t have the time or don’t feel confident enough to pack on your own? Hiring a professional packing service can help save time and frustration.

We hope these tips helped alleviate some of your stress related to  your upcoming move. If you find yourself overwhelmed and in need of The Happiest & Most Professional Moving Services in the industry, do not hesitate to give us a call at 941-84-HAPPY (42779).

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