Tips for Moving with Pets

Most pets are creatures of habit, making relocation a potentially stressful experience. Not only are their lives uprooted, but since they don’t really understand what’s happening, the process of moving can be scary for them. 

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, you’ll want to do everything you can to help your pets feel comfortable as they transition to their new environment. Start with these seven tips.  

1. Let Your Pet Get Used to Your Moving Supplies 

As you begin packing, your pets will notice that something is amiss. Instead of locking them in a spare room while you organize your home, give them a chance to sniff around and satisfy their curiosity. This will help them feel less nervous and make the transition a bit easier.  

2. Keep Your Routine as Normal as Possible 

You might be busy packing and preparing for your move, but don’t let that impact your pet’s routine too much. If you can, try to keep the same schedule when it comes to walking, feeding, and playtime. Remember that moving is stressful for your pets too, so be as patient as you can and give them some extra love and attention throughout the experience.  

3. Contact Your Vet 

If you’re moving away from your current area, it’s important to visit your vet before you go. This will allow you to ensure all of your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and get any prescriptions they might need over the next few months. Also, ask whether your vet can recommend a vet in your new neighborhood and be sure to get a copy of your pet’s medical records. 

4. Prepare an Overnight Kit  

Make sure your pets are as comfortable as possible by preparing an overnight kit that contains their food and water dishes and enough food and treats to get them through the first few days of unpacking. Also pack their beds, toys, and grooming tools with you in your vehicle. Setting up all of their items in your new home as quickly as possible will help them settle in.  

5. Find a Safe Place for Them to Stay 

From open doors to strangers carrying heavy boxes, moving day can present many dangers for pets. Make sure they’re safe by having them stay with a friend, family member, or a doggie day care until your move is complete.  

6. Secure Your Pets and Keep Them Safe 

It’s important to remember that your pets will likely feel anxious when you arrive at your new home, so don’t let them out without a leash, even if they’re normally well behaved.  

Give them time to explore the inside of your new home, but don’t let them out in the backyard until you’ve made sure your fenced area is completely secure. Also be sure to supervise them when they’re in the fenced area, at least for the first few weeks.  

7. Update Their Info  

Once you’ve arrived at your new address, be sure to update your pet’s tags and microchip. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you get around to it. If your pet gets lost and has trouble finding his new home, these updates could help ensure you are safely reunited.   

The experts at Happy Helpers Moving Company care about your pets and want to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a quote!

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