Our Mission


Happy Helpers Moving Co is a veteran owned and operated company. The number of veteran suicide cases are exponentially increasing each year. It is our duty as citizens of the United States of America to do our due diligence in establishing programs that effectively decrease these numbers and support the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed their lives for our own freedom and pursuit of happiness. By employing prior service members, we recreate the brotherhood that was lost for so many veterans during the transition back to civilian life. We have seen first-hand that this serves as a platform to create a community of happy, motivated, and hardworking individuals. Happy Helpers Moving Co doesn’t just provide jobs, we provide a family and a whole lot of reasons to smile.

By hiring us for your next move, you are contributing to our efforts to better serve those who have served us. In return, we swear to provide you the happiest and most professional moving services available.