Assembly & Disassembly

Sarasota furniture assembly

Looking for someone to disassemble your furniture...move it to a new location...and then reassemble it for you? Well, you've come to the right place! Happy Helpers Moving Co is the perfect solution for those who don't have the time or tools to break down their furniture and then put it back together. Whether it's a large bed frame with endless slats or a giant desk that needs to be broken down into multiple pieces, we are ready to help.

At Happy Helpers Moving Co, we treat our customers like family. We ensure that each and every client leaves with a smile on their face. By providing the happiest and most professional moving services in the industry, our relentless focus on customer satisfaction will have you requesting our services time and time again.

As a company comprised of prior service members, we harness the values, morals, and ethics associated with the United States Military. When employing new hires, we specifically search for characteristics such as highly motivated individuals who possess exceptional work ethic, trustworthiness, respectfulness, and dedication to duty.

Every employee engages in a background investigation. Many of our employees still maintain a secret or top-secret security clearance from their service to their country. This level of background investigation is not available to the general public or business entity. By employing prior service members such as these, we free our customers from the worry associated with hiring a moving company.

We Offer Assembly & Disassembly In The Following Areas:

If you are searching for professional Sarasota moving companies offering a wide array of moving services, you’ve found the one! Give us a call today at 941-84-HAPPY and see for yourself how Happy Helpers Moving Co. provides smiles for miles!